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Ask the Counselors: What was your favorite course at TCU?

With 130 areas of study, a comprehensive core curriculum, and room for elective courses, students have the opportunity to take really interesting classes. Below are some of our counselors’ favorites.

Beatriz GutierrezInterpersonal CommunicationTCU Blog

Dalton GoodierSports in Modern American Literature with Dr. Vanderwerken

Kristy Borneman – One of my favorite courses was International Marketing, taken during my TCU Semester Abroad in Sevilla, Spain. The class was taught at a Spanish university where the professor brought a plethora of international experience to the course. TCU encourages students to study abroad and is extremely accommodating in transferring college credit, so if at all possible, I recommend all students to study abroad!

Mollie RichardsonCultural Memory with Dr. Pitcock. It truly shaped the way I interact with the world.

TCU BlogSara SorensonNature of Leadership, an honors colloquia course with Dr. Jenkins. Not only did we get to discover our own leadership style, but we also heard from the leaders of TCU running our campus like the Chancellor and Vice Chancellor’s and how they came to this place in their journey.

John Andrew WillisDue Process in the Criminal Courts, taught by adjunct Political Science professor and current Fort Worth District Attorney, Sharen Wilson. We essentially used Supreme Court cases as our “text,” discussing how police procedure and individual rights have evolved with SCOTUS decisions. Judge Wilson has seen many of her cases referred to SCOTUS!

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Student Submission: I Bleed Purple

I have been given limitless opportunities to grow as a leader, become involved, and really impact the world around me here at TCU. Many of these experiences have come through my involvement with multiple organizations, but the one that has given me the most tangible form of seeing the change I am making is TCU Ambassadors.

TCU BlogI can clearly remember the first time I came into contact with a TCU Ambassador. I was a junior in high school making one of my numerous college tours and about to begin my group tour of the TCU campus. All of sudden, this guy in a purple shirt comes running up like an Energizer bunny yelling “GO FROGS!”  Needless to say, he made a memorable impact before the tour even officially started. Later on in our tour, we stopped at one of the beautiful horned frog statues and he was teaching us how to make the horned frog hand sign. After he taught us this crucial bit of information, we of course had to yell “Go Frogs!” as loud as we could. We had to do it quite a few times until it was up to the high standards of our ambassador guide. Another one of my interactions with Ambassadors before I even came to school was through a letter. Now this may seem like the smallest thing in the world, to get a letter in the mail, but to me it is what pushed TCU above all the other schools I applied to. What big time institution would take the time to write an applicant and offer them assistance and congratulations on their acceptance? No other school did that for me.

Once I got to TCU, I was determined to figure out who/what was behind all this enthusiasm. At the organization fair I came in contact with the TCU Ambassadors table and knew instantly that I had found the place for me. They told me all the opportunities to interact with potential frogs through tours, writing letters, having lunch with families and so much more. My first interview at college was for the TCU Ambassadors program. I was accepted as a freshman and it has shaped my time here at TCU in the best possible way.

TCU BlogIn particular, one of my favorite things that I get the honor of doing as an Ambassador is having lunch with potential students and their families. With these interactions I am able to tell people what my university means to me. I tell them about my extraordinary nursing teachers and classmates, having access to some of the best athletic games/teams in the nation, and chances to go on international trips to put into practice what I have been taught at my top tier school.

At the end of the day, the Ambassadors organization represents everything I have ever wanted to do and be as a horned frog: the chance to interact with people and help them with important decisions, the ability to make a difference, and of course the opportunity to run around and scream “GO FROGS” without a care in the world. I encourage you to become involved; it will never cease to amaze you what you get back in return.

TCU BlogCaitlyn Anderson is a senior Nursing major from New Orleans, Louisiana. Outside of Ambassadors, she is also involved in Eta Iota Sigma, Global Medical Training, and Student Nurses Association.

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Texas “Construction” University 2.0

In a previous post, we detailed the ongoing construction projects at TCU. As many of those have been completed and new ones have popped up, we decided to give a brief update on some of the upcoming facilities on our campus.

TCU BlogDaniel-Meyer Coliseum
The home of TCU basketball is currently undergoing a $72.4 million renovation to be completed for the 2015-2016 season. Not only will the TCU men’s and women’s teams have a new place to call home, but the front of the facility will hold offices and a Hall of Honor to hold TCU memorabilia from all sports. The same company that renovated TCU’s Amon G. Carter football stadium in 2012 has been tasked with this project.

Colby Hall
TCU BlogColby Hall, the last of the freshman residence halls to be renovated, will be completed in August 2015. Its exterior will mostly remain the same, but it will be given a grand entrance to match those of the more recently completed residence hall projects. Colby will serve as the sole all-female residence hall on campus and will house around 350 students. With a record-breaking freshman class in 2015, all of the beds will certainly be needed!

TCU BlogParking Garages
TCU is also in the process of constructing its first ever parking garages. One garage will be open in the fall of 2015 on what currently serves as the freshman parking lot. It will provide 1,132 parking spots to students, faculty and staff members, and football fans on game days. The other garage will be located on the past site of Brachman Hall, a recently demolished freshman residence hall. It will provide parking solutions for our Worth Hills community, specifically those living in fraternity and sorority houses. Both garages will feature the aesthetics of the rest of the campus’s buildings, with the traditional yellow TCU brick and washed stonework.

Mary Couts Burnett Library
TCU BlogWhile the first phase of construction was completed in the fall of 2014, the remainder of the library renovation has been ongoing for the past year. With a facility featuring more technology and group study spaces, the library’s finishing touches will be completed in the coming months. One of these touches will involve constructing two sky bridges that will connect the library to Rees-Jones Hall, TCU’s newest academic building. This is a further example of the dedication to interdisciplinary learning on TCU’s campus, along with the availability of around-the-clock study spaces.

For more updates on construction projects at TCU, check out the Physical Plant’s website here.

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Meet the New Counselors

This summer, we have welcomed four new members to our staff.

TCU BlogDalton Goodier is a TCU grad from the Class of 2012 from Lufkin, Texas. He double-majored in English and History and spent 2 years teaching middle school Language Arts in Oklahoma City for Teach for America. After spending the last year traveling to 15 countries, he is excited to be back in the Horned Frog Nation working for his alma mater.

“TCU is an incredible place with a tight-knit community full of people who want to see our students succeed.”

Dalton will be working with students from Alabama, Mississippi, Austin, San Antonio, and East Texas.

TCU BlogKristy Borneman, originally from Chicago, is also a 2012 TCU grad. She majored in Spanish and minored in Education and Business, and is currently working on her MBA. Since graduating, Kristy worked for the College Advising Corps at local high schools. After encouraging high school students to pursue college, Kristy is happy to be working on a new side of the college admissions process.

“The campus wide support at TCU was something I appreciated as a student and wanted to be a part of as a faculty member.”

Kristy will be covering the greater Houston area.

TCU BlogMollie Richardson recently graduated in May 2015 with a major in Nutritional Sciences. She is originally from the San Francisco Bay Area but is thrilled to be embracing the new home she’s found in the Fort Worth community. After spending her undergrad years as a student tour guide and Orientation Student Assistant, she is eager to continue welcoming students to the Horned Frog family.

“There is an undeniable magic about this place and nothing makes me happier than to see students decide they want to be a part of it!”

Mollie will be working with students from Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, and the North Dallas area.

TCU BlogAnd April Cano has joined the transfer team as the new Assistant Director of Transfer Admission. An alumna of Sam Houston State University, April received a degree in Criminal Justice and is almost finished with her Masters in Higher Education. April has great admission experience as she worked at Sam Houston as a Transfer Admission Counselor and then as the Dallas Regional Counselor.

“While working at Sam Houston, I visited TCU many times and was always overwhelmed with the kind people and spirited community. I always admired the culture at TCU and am really excited to now be a part of it.”

We’re so excited to welcome April as an honorary horned frog!

Come visit our office and meet our new staff members!

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Senior Spotlight: Lexi Peterson

With TCU’s commencement ceremony just behind us, we will be featuring recent TCU grads to show their plans for after graduation. With the wealth of professional opportunities available to students in Dallas-Fort Worth, across the United States, and around the world, TCU graduates are truly doing amazing things!

TCU BlogLexi Peterson is a recent grad from the class of 2015 with a Psychology major and History and Child Development minors from Houston, Texas

Lexi is now working as a Client Services Assistant at Excellence in Giving, LLC in Colorado Springs. A full-service philanthropic advisory firm, Excellence in Giving is designed to increase the joy of the high-capacity donors through a personalized process of discovery, evaluation, participation and celebration.

In Lexi’s junior year at TCU, she took an Honors class called the Nature of Giving with Dr. Ron Pitcock. Along with her classmates, Lexi got the opportunity to donate $60,000 to five different nonprifts and spent the semester acting as a foundation to nomiate and evaluate organizations to which they wanted to give. When describing her experiences with the Nature of Giving course, Lexi said:

“This really opened up a whole new world for me and inspired me to pursue a career in philanthropy. I love the idea of being about to help others give to organizations that match their passions and will in turn do a lot of good in the world.”

Lexi’s post-grad pursuits are a wonderful illustration of the ways in which classroom experiences can connect Horned Frogs to career opportunities. We’re excited to see how Lexi continues to make a positive impact and are proud of the ways she is representing our mission statement in her career!

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Senior Spotlight: Monica Orjuela

With TCU’s commencement ceremony just behind us, we will be featuring recent TCU grads to show their plans for after graduation. With the wealth of professional opportunities available to students in Dallas-Fort Worth, across the United States, and around the world, TCU graduates are truly doing amazing things!

TCU BlogMonica Orjuela is a graduate from the class of 2015 with a major in Nursing and a minor in Spanish for Health Professions from Chicago, Illinois. This summer, Monica is in Colombia pursuing her goal of becoming a certified Spanish interpreter so that she can better deliver culturally-competent care to her Hispanic patients back in Fort Worth. She is completing an internship at La Fundacion Santa Fe hospital as well as studying in a two-month intensive Spanish program for health professions at La Universidad de Sabana. Between rotations in multiple hospital units, 200 hours of classroom time, and travel experiences, Monica is equipping herself with the tools she needs to bridge the health disparities within Hispanic populations. When asked about her interest in pursuing this opportunity, Monica explained:

“Until I began clinicals in nursing school, I viewed Spanish as a way to become a more marketable nurse. My clinical experiences, however, quickly opened my eyes to the need for bilingual nurses and I developed a deep passion for the Hispanic patient population. I saw what an impact my limited Spanish could have on patients and their families’ experience and these interactions fueled my determination to become fluent.”

TCU BlogMonica is a great example of how Horned Frogs can use their resources and passions in a globally-expanding world. With TCU initiatives such as the Purple Passport: Discovering Global Citizenship, students like Monica are defining what it looks like to be an “ethical leader and responsible citizen in the global community.”

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Senior Spotlight: Joey Tumminello

With TCU’s commencement ceremony just behind us, we will be featuring current TCU seniors to show their plans for after graduation. With the wealth of professional opportunities available to students in Dallas-Fort Worth, across the United States, and around the world, TCU graduates are truly doing amazing things!

TCU BlogJoey Tumminello is a 2015 graduate with a major in Finance with a Real Estate concentration from New Orleans, Louisiana. This summer, Joey will begin his time with Marcus and Millichap, a Commercial Real Estate Broker in Dallas. He will specifically be working in a group called Institutional Property Advisors, or IPA, which brokers the sale of class A multi-family properties in the DFW metroplex, Houston, Austin, and San Antonio. When asked why this opportunity appealed to him, Joey said:

“I worked at Marcus and Millichap last summer as a Research Analyst and I knew getting on the brokerage side was exactly what I wanted to do. The team works together incredibly well and I feel like I could make an impact and learn an exceptional amount about the commercial real estate industry along the way. Also, this is a sales job which really fuels my entrepreneurial spirit and will help me learn from professionals who have established credibility in the DFW area.”

Joey is one of many students in the Neeley School of Business who will end up working full-time for the company for which he interned as a student. Not only are Neeley students positioned to obtain internships during their undergraduate experience, but they are well equipped to make an impact as interns to ensure full-time employment after graduation. By concentrating his Finance degree with Real Estate, Joey walked across the stage ready to make waves at Marcus and Millichap. He is going to do great things and we’re excited to see them happen!


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